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What is so special about St. Helena's School?

The most memorable time I have had in St. Helena’s School was with my best friends and teachers. I will remember the awesome projects the teachers gave us. I will also remember when my friends and I would sit next to each other at lunchtime and afterwards we would hang out at recess. I will definitely remember how much our teachers cared about us and the effort they put into everything they have done for my class and me. My best friends and teachers are and always have been important to me during my many years attending this school and I will always remember them.

Tracie Jaramillo

The one thing I will always remember is my first Varsity Basketball game of the regular season. The static was in the air, excitement was all round the gym. I was nervous since I have not been in that atmosphere since the Fourth Grade.  I was in the starting five, so I really had to step up my game. I really wanted to do well. I would like to continue this in high school. I thank Mr. Schaefer for helping me do better in each one of our games.

Jared Nieves

Saint Helena’s School has been good to me, my entire life. I have been here my entire life, ever since Pre-K.  I have met many people during my time here. I will always remember my times at St. Helena and the memories I have been grateful to share with these people. I have been in many different activities such as Boy Scouts, Intramurals, and JV and Varsity Basketball teams. I will always remember the times I helped Father Derivan and the school in lecturing at School Masses, helping out for the Card Party and assisting on Palm Sunday. This is only a small portion of my memories. There are many more, but in all I will never forget St. Helena’s School.

Courtney Wilson

There are many things I will remember about St. Helena School. This school has watched me grow and mature for the majority of my life. Teachers I will remember most are Mr. and Mrs. Ward, Mr. and Mrs. Schaefer, Mrs. Seabrook, Mrs. McHugh, Mr. Hamilton, and Mrs. Harnett. I look up to my teachers, for they have helped me through many obstacles and accomplishments in my life.  Mr. Meller and Father Derivan will always be a part of my memory here. They have helped me become a strong individual.  St. Helena School has always been, and will always be, my family.

Iyana Conaway